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Unit 1001, Crawford House,
70 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

About Premier Clinic

Established in 2009, Premier Clinic strives to offer top quality medical services to Hong Kong public for many years. Starting from primary care, through close communication with our service users, we provide professional services in treatment, preventive care and coordination.  

In response to our business expansion and increasing service demands, Premier Clinic now offers a wide range of Professional Service covering from general medicine, health check to urogynaecology and skin laser surgery, etc.

Since our opening, we have been cooperating with experts in various specialties, aiming to provide one-stop medical services to make sure every service user are properly taken care of at stages such as physical examination, diagnosis and treatment, Admission to Hospital and rehabilitation care, and to minimize the anxiety and confusion caused by disease.

In addition, Premier Clinic pay special attention to teamwork. Our medical teams often communicate on different cases in order to understand the treatment needs of each service user and improve the overall service.

In terms of facilities, our Clinic is located in a prime location of Hong Kong’s central business district with close proximity to the Central MTR station to ensure excellent access to public transportation. Our Clinic is well decorated with specially designed independent and spacious waiting area, VIP zone, consultation rooms, operation rooms and treatment rooms to maintain privacy of our service users.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our medical team and the trust and support of all parties, Premier Clinic made significant growth over the years. We promise to commit in the best quality, most professional and caring medical services for you and your family in the future.

Our Team

  • Dr. So Yung Pak, Dennis

    Dr. So Yung Pak, Dennis

  • Dr. Chan Wing Yin, Vivian

    Dr. Chan Wing Yin, Vivian

  • Dr. Yuen Ching Yi, Jenny

    Dr. Yuen Ching Yi, Jenny

Health Tips

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 上呼吸道感染(Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, URTI),泛指鼻腔、鼻竇、咽頭、喉嚨和聲帶的部位受到感染,一般以傷風和感冒最為常見;主要由病毒引起,較少機會由細菌感染。長者、幼童等高風險人士應特別注意保持個人及環境衛生,以防傳染。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 傷口長出肉芽難免令人擔心,事實上,傷口有機會變成較嚴重的疤痕:增生性疤痕及瘢瘤性疤痕(蟹足腫),穿耳洞、紋身,或是傷口處理不當,都會增加疤痕形成的機會。患上此症無需太擔心,可考慮透過二氧化碳激光、液態氮冷凍等方法治療。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 患上退化性膝關節炎是因膝關節隨著年齡增長並長期受力下,出現關節液分泌減少,軟骨退化磨損和變薄的情況;最後引致關節變形、失去彈性,甚至形成骨刺。患者一般會感到關節僵硬、疼痛,或行動不便的情況。如患上此症,只要積極應對,情況便能得到改善。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 眼睛是靈魂之窗,尤其對於愛美一族來說,若眼部附近突然出現黃斑,定必憂心不已。其實這些黃斑稱為黃斑瘤,幸而至今並無癌化的病例報告,也很少會影響視力。然而黃斑瘤呈黃色脂肪狀,確實有礙觀瞻,還是建議利用激光治療方法把該組織消除。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 男女都有機會患上尿道炎及膀胱炎,有統計指50-60%女性曾受尿道炎及膀胱炎困擾,即是每兩位女士就有一位曾患上該疾病。平日多飲水、均衡飲食、少穿緊身或不透氣褲子,保持個人衛生都能有效減少患病機率。如果發現問題,最好及早就醫。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 患上尿失禁總是讓人感到尷尬,打噴嚏、搬重物等都可能出現尿滲情況,部份患者會拒絕就醫,曾生育、身形肥胖、長期咳嗽或便秘等婦女患上尿失禁的機會較高,如病情輕微,可先嘗試做骨盤肌肉運動改善情況。如病情較嚴重,則可能要通過手術來治療。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 子宮下垂的成因,是因為盆腔的韌帶和肌肉鬆弛或退化所致。患者會感到十分不適,更會因子宮磨損而引致潰瘍,部份患者也伴隨小便失禁的現象,情緒亦受影響。預防子宮下垂應注意均衡飲食、控制體重、減少提舉重物並定期進行婦科檢查。

  • (Available in Chinese version only) 胃鏡檢查除有助醫生判斷胃癌、食道癌、上消化道潰瘍等病症,亦能透過各種輔助儀器進行活鉗樣本化驗、瘜肉切除等治療。其實胃鏡檢查很簡單,是以一支柔軟、長管狀內窺鏡,在上消化道黏膜作的檢查,範圍包括食道、胃及十二指腸部位,一般整個過程僅5-20分鐘。